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8th October 2010

pathofnames1:01pm: I'll be totally honest with everyone.

I work for a show called Champions of Champions Elite. It airs on G4TV. My job is basically to go around trolling message boards to get people to go to the site, or to watch the show. I'm getting kinda bored of the ol' bait and switch routine so i thought I'd tell the truth for once. Seriously, you try signing up to several hundred forums a week and see how it feels.

Is anyone here interested in Muay Thai? The show is basically just that. A bunch of guys and women wailing on each other using this particular martial art. The official site also has a contest that looks for the world's best gamer or something.

So, if you wanna check it out, go ahead. If not, ignore me, or ban me, or whatever.

If you do like it, I'd like to hear why. What do you think about Muay Thai? About the show? About our site? I'm genuinely interested in your opinion. For real. No lie.


8th November 2006

reality_calls10:32pm:     Haven't heard from the geekfitness group in a while, but then, they haven't heard from me for a while, either.  I thought I ought to post an update of my recent progress.  It was spurred this August in response to my joining the ski team.  I realized that, if I ever wanted to be competitive, I'd need to be in much better physical condition, so I have been exercising like crazy this year.  I exercise once a day, six days a week, and burn at least 700 calories, up from 500 2 months ago.  I've been sticking to exercises that focus on the legs: jogging, cycling, stairmaster.  I'd do some leg presses, too, but after lifting increasingly large amounts over the summer I went and got acute tendinitis in my left knee, which has been receeding slowly but surely but still flairs up again every time I put it under heavy loads.

    So...  Progress!  In the past two months, I've lost 20 pounds and my 5K time has increased from 24:38 to my recent record two days ago of 22:21.  Had my first ski practice of the year the weekend before last, and the progress really showed.  I've been shredding up turns like never before, though I could still stand to improve my technique,(especially in slalom) and my endurance has increased immensely.  I used to get winded a bit after 3 or 4 runs, but now I can keep going all day.  Things are looking very good for my times this year.  I'll update when I start getting them.

       "Live from the People's Republic"

13th June 2006


I used to be a serious TaeKwonDo competitor, however I no longer train. I have a bunch of  white uniforms for $5-$20. Nearly all are crisp and white, and all were well cared for.

one size 0
six size 3
one size 4
one size 5
(plus extra pieces include three size 3 pants, one size two top, one size three top)

Also available is one black/red hogu (chest protector), 1 set cloth forearm guards, 1 set Adidas forearm guards, 1 set Adidas shin/instep guards, 1 set red foam boots, 1 white foam Macho helmet, 1 set of boxing gloves, one pair Masterline training shoes (fits womens 8-8.5).

Pix & specific uniform details available at request.

10th March 2006

oniugnip10:57pm: a little music for night running
At the end of my run tonight, my little mp3 player saw fit to play Apocalyptica's cover of "One" (Apocalyptica rocks hard, whatever you might think of that other band that happened to play their songs first) followed by Cannibal Ox's "Iron Galaxy", right as I was coming up that last hill. Yeah!

"One" done with distorted electric cellos is for sprinting with a grin on your face. Good gravy, I want to do 400m repeats now...

(and if you're into this sort of thing, you should totally check out Cannibal Ox -- they're ridiculous, and they may have a new album out soon...)
Current Mood: pumped; sweaty

19th February 2006

oniugnip3:24pm: (I was all like "atlanta marathon 2005!" ... bleah.)
I got an email from John, one of the coaches from my highschool track team. He's like 50-odd and faster than me, this super-energetic wiry little guy who seems to spend all his time out on the trails running and cycling...

And he made me rethink my relationship with "doing a marathon". In my head, I'd been thinking "okay, I'll just pick up the mileage on the weekends" but he takes the position that marathons should be done when you're at the point where it's not that much farther than you'd been running otherwise. Like you should be habitually running 70+ -mile weeks for months on end... and then a very long run just isn't that out of the ordinary, and you're not likely to get hurt.

I'm really not in that kind of shape. On the other hand, he mysteriously seems to be able to devote all of his time to being outside and running around. On the other other hand, I seem to devote a whole lot of time to reloading my LJ friends page.

Any thoughts on this?

11th February 2006

gentlemaitresse4:27pm: Announcing a new community: fitness_trainer

This is the Livejournal for all types of personal trainers. Here we discuss various motivational strategies, as well as the latest research and information to help our clients.

You must be a personal trainer to join this community. This is NOT because we think those who are not personal trainers don't know as much as those who are! On the contrary, I've received a lot of good advice on training from people who are not personal trainers, and I've heard a lot of garbage from those who are. However, the purpose of this community is to discuss the *business* of being a personal trainer.

Please send verification to the community maintainer, gentlemaitresse, at gentlemaitresse at livejournal dot com and click here to join the community. I will approve your membership upon receipt of verification of your personal trainer status.

Verification can be your name and certifying agency or employer's name.

9th February 2006

gentlemaitresse10:01am: Is there an LJ community for personal trainers to discuss various strategies, how to motivate clients, etc? If not, I'd be interested in starting one.

Also, if you know of such a community elsewhere on the internet, please post a link. Thanks. :-)

21st May 2005

lomonthang1:04pm: Last night, I bought a 50 foot length of 3/4 inch manila rope and headed out to my folks place, the one with the expanse of grass. Sled was with me. I hammered some rebar into the lawn and propped a board against it, to give me a brace for my feet

50 ft. rope sled pulls, seated, 7 @ 220 pounds
20 pushups followed by 7 85lb power cleans to push press in between sets
some lightish sumo deads as a finisher; there was lots of lightning so I thought I had better pack up after that.
oniugnip11:04am: Forrest Gump moment...
Yesterday, sort of halway between "frustrated with myself and full of nervous energy" and "ready to go with a new outlook and pumped about life from reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" ... I ran from the house on 10th street out to Lennox Mall and back. It took two hours and 41 seconds. I didn't know how far I was going to go when I started, but soon enough, I found myself in Buckhead, and I didn't want to stop, so...

It was really wet outside. Rain is nice :) It's actually slightly nice to get splashed by passing cars when you're already wet and out running.

I've never gone that long before; I don't think I've gone more than an hour and a half. I will be able to do the marathon in November. Hut.

10th May 2005

oniugnip2:13pm: summer training starts today! :)
I've been a slug... not for the whole semester -- there was some excellent lifting for a lot of it, and I felt and feel a lot stronger than I was -- but for the last few weeks of my undergrad thing, I wasn't moving much...

So for the summer, it'll be longer distances, lots more running :) And no cheese, and no deserts! And smaller, more frequent meals! There's the Atlanta Marathon in November... and there's that fat, slow feeling to get rid of right now.

I'll probably go run four or six miles this afternoon. (edit: I did four miles, and I had this beautiful tingly feeling in my legs telling me that I need to do a whole lot more of this... tonight shall be lots of push-ups.)

(also: It occurred to me that it'd be pretty wild to be able to dunk a basketball as a 5'10" white guy... I may get into springiness training as well. Ah, memories of the pole-vault...)
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27th April 2005

lindseykuper10:16pm: Update: End of Week 12
Week 12 (April 19-April 25):
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 9 miles
Thursday: rest
Friday: 12 miles
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest
Monday: rest

I'm at the 270-mile point in training. I remain at 142 pounds, plus or minus two depending on when I weigh myself. It's almost become a joke, how long I've been at this weight. I've been eating more than I was eating a couple months ago, no doubt -- but I kind of thought that as I lost weight, I'd run faster, and as I ran faster, I'd lose more weight. That hasn't been true at all.

Off to fit a quick 5 miles in before bed.

23rd April 2005

lomonthang10:20pm: Last night, in the gym:


dbell flat bench: 6 sets of 4 using 80's
8 sets of 5 bodyweight dips
5 sets of 5 suckados (one arm incline barbell press) with 65, explosive concentric
then they kicked me out to close

one arm barbell snatch- buncha singles and triples with 70. Felt weak on this one...unfocused...hadnt eaten in a while, so that explains it. This is a very demanding exercise, mentally, and nervous system wise, so I always put it first.
Wide grip pull downs, 4 sets of 6 at 160, aiming for a 1 sec. pause at peak of concentric contraction. This was followed by similar work with two other implements, but both were variations of the pull down. Similar set/rep scheme.
I finished the workout with some light stuff meant to be active recovery. Like empty bar flatbenching, sets of 40, light light pulldowns, and some bodyweight squats
Later I went on a walk for 1.5 hours wearing my 40lb vest, with a slow pace half of the way because I was collecting iron ore with a large magnet on the end of a pole, and then double timed it back home, praying my knees could hold up to the extra 40 pounds of pressure. Now, the last part of my workout for the day, biceps. I think I'm gonna work them GVT style (german volume training) since I think they respond best to higher volume than most of the rest of the meat on me. So, 10 sets of 10 modified standing barbell curls, at roughly 60 percent of my one rep max, so...like 65 pounds...maybe. Really nifty things happen here, where the first 3-4 sets are OK, the next 3-4 are really freaking hard, and then the final ones are actually easier than the middle ones. I dont know if this is fully understood.
Ah........just finished. 65 was too light, because I could do all the reps. My best to all. -G UNIT
Current Mood: pumped...literally

22nd April 2005

kaiju81:54pm: Inaugural Follow-up and my first run
Well, I ended up getting the Amphipod Airflow Lite at a local running store. It was a little small and would only hold the GPS, but I am able to put my iPod on the belt with it's supplied belt clip. Worked great!

Since I'd been a slacker and skipped out running the past few weeks due to schedule and health issues, I wasn't expecting to be able to run the whole route without stopping. Much to my pleasure I surprised myself and had a pretty good run, non-stop! (except to cross the street a few times)

I don't have my GPS software with me, so I can't extract the logs until later, but my dashboard screen tells me I ran 4.39mi in 38min45sec with 45sec of stopped time at an average speed of 6.7 mph. Not TOO shabby, but I'm hoping to get back on my thrice-weekly lunchtime running schedule again and get some better numbers.
Current Mood: geeky

20th April 2005

kaiju81:50pm: Inaugural Post and Gear Management Question
Just found this community while looking for somewhere to ask these questions, and have enjoyed logging my previous runs with GPS even though I didn't have a forum for posting them. I'm a 30 yeard old married father of two boys working in Information Security at a Top 5 accounting firm in Nashville, TN. I'm a Mac and old-school Apple geek, tattoo collector, and animation junkie. I love apes and robots.

My health and work schedule has caused me to lapse in my weekly runs, but I'm back to semi-normal and the weather is beautiful so I'm starting back up my thrice-weekly lunchtime running schedule this Friday. My work is near a Dam and Resevoir so there's lots of nice woodsy areas to run off to. My standard route is a little over 4 miles, which can easily be extended to 5 miles with an EXTREME incline. I haven't yet gotten up the nerve to try it, though this is one of my fitness goals for this summer.

My question is about gear management while running. I always take my iPod with me and as previously mentioned sometimes I bring my GPS to map and track my route. I'm looking for a good running belt to carry these, as my regular belt clip for the iPod isn't sercure enough. I like the iSport but would like something a little more general purpose and I'm not sure my GPS V would fit in it. Any suggestions/testamonials?

A different option I've thought of, if I ever got a Shuffle and a Forerrunner to reduce the size of my music and GPS solutions, was something wrist based. Another concern of mine is sun exposure, as I'm fair complected, have a family history of skin cancer, and have spent a LOT of money on my tattoo sleeves. At one time I saw some neoprene sleeves in a catalog that I thought would be good for arm coverings in short-sleeve weather, and have recently found some Sugoi arm warmers that look similar and could be used with existing wrist-based mounts for gear. My main concern with this while running would be heat as I love exercising in warm weater. Anyone know of something more breathable that would work for this?

Look forward to posting some stats on Friday!
Current Mood: geeky
lomonthang12:33am: Last night, moonlight workout:
walk backwards with sled very fast: 30 yards, 120 pounds, 6 or 7 times
Overhead barbell press: 10 sets of 3 at 135
walk up and down driveway (long friggin driveway) with 65 pound barbell above head in one hand, many times, alter. hands
85 pound barbell curls, 4 sets of 6, supersetted with iron cross (30 sec. ten pounds per hand)
3 sets of 10 good mornings, 65 pounds.
fingertip plate carry, 35 per hand, all over the place


19th April 2005

lindseykuper7:15am: Weeks 8, 9, 10, and 11. eesh.
I let myself go quite a while without posting.

Week 8 (March 22-28):
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: rest
Monday: 10 miles

Week 9 (March 29-April 4): Big mileage week...I was trying to get a lot of running out of the way before going on vacation in Portland the following week. It sort of worked.
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: rest
Friday: 7 miles
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: 4 miles
Monday: 15 miles

Week 10 (April 5-April 11): Extraordinarily low-mileage week due to aforementioned vacation (which ROCKED) (the vacation, that is, not the lack of running).
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 8 miles
Monday: rest

Week 11 (April 12-April 18): Only partially successful attempt to make up missed mileage -- but distinguished by a 16-mile run on Thursday which went really well. I wrote about it in my own journal entry.
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 16 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: 4 miles
Monday: 4 miles

So now I have an 8-miler and a 12-miler to catch up on, neither of which seem so bad. =) Seven weeks until the race! Weight-wise, I've been hovering on either side of 142 for a month now. I think I was 140 yesterday, but I'll probably be back up to 142 today. I'm not trying to be a defeatist, just a realist. Sure would be nice to get to 135 like I'd originally planned, but it's not the end-all and be-all. I've gotten less strict on the no-snacking thing, and I often eat three meals now rather than two. Life's too short, y'know?

18th April 2005

oniugnip1:31am: back up on it!
I've been pretty loserly, slightly depressive, and really quite stressed.

... but neither running nor lifting. One of these situations explains the other :)

But today I ran out to Centenniel Olympic Park, stretched in the grass, had some water, and ran back. And then later on in the evening I did some light lifting with Martin samarin and practiced breakdancing holds. (I can totally do a scorpion in slow motion. It feels good. You'll have to see it...)

As soon as the semester's over, we're getting into long distances. Atlanta Marathon in November. lindseykuper, you're inspirational.

Also, I hear that Señor G-UNIT lomonthang has been doing some big sled-pulling...

11th April 2005

akrodha8:15am: Jogging Newbie
(Cross-posted to runners. I apologize for the inconvenience.)

Hey everyone. I'm a physics student who normally doesn't do much activity, but recently I've decided to go jogging, first thing in the morning. So far, I'm running about 2–3 miles, three times a week (albeit slowly, and with several breaks).

Although I'm completely pumped right now, I usually have trouble keeping myself motivated for extended periods of time. And now, to make things worse, I've run into a few problems:

1. Very early on in my jog, I got this cramp/stitch on my side, next to my stomach. I couldn't run for more than ten seconds without experiencing a stabbing pain. I didn't eat beforehand, so I'm kinda stumped.

2. Throughout my jog, my stomach gurgles. It feels like water is splashing around, and after a while it gets very annoying. I even tried not drinking water before jogging, and this still happens.

Can anyone help me out here? I want to keep up my running schedule, but these two pesky issues are getting in the way. Oh, and:

3. Any general pointers you may have? After all, I am a newbie.

3rd April 2005

lomonthang10:06pm: been a long time
been a while since I posted here, but:

tonight I did two hours in the woods with my Xvest. Dayum. This time, I added running for real. Ouch. I went along interval style, because running with a 40 pound vest on is not so easy. Plus, it was in this tricky tricky trails, so it was more like that tire running exercise that football players do for agility, etc. Many times I just wanted to collapse and remove that bloody vest, use it as a pillow and go to sleep.
But, I prevailed so go me and stuff.

In water I trust, -G UNIT

22nd March 2005

lindseykuper1:32am: Update: End of Week 7
(Tuesday, though I mentioned it last week: rest)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: 13 miles (127 minutes, and that was even taking it really easy for the last mile! Woohoo!)
Monday: 3 miles

This was my highest weekly mileage yet. I was making up one of the runs from last week. I'm very happy with my 13-mile time. I think I'm on track to try for a 4:30:00 marathon. That would be awesome.

Lost what weight I gained last week; am now back at 142. I wonder if I'll ever manage to get lower. Hope so!

16th March 2005

lindseykuper9:38pm: Update: End of Week 6/beginning of Week 7
(Tuesday, even though I mentioned it last time: 5 miles)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 12 miles (115 minutes!)
Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest

I really should have run on Tuesday, to make up for my earlier missed runs. I still fit four runs into a week, but since I was a day behind before, I'm still a day behind. And I'm considering not running tonight, either, which would put me two days behind -- but I'm soooo tired!
I'm happy about my 12-miler over the weekend, though. I was really fast.

Weight-wise, not doing so great. I've regained at least three pounds, putting me at 145. It's partly a monthly sort of thing, but I think it's also that I'm eating more. Then again, some of it could just be that I'm gaining muscle. My legs are getting pretty darn muscular at this point. I'd still like to weigh less...
mirabiliae3:50pm: howdy
hi all! I'll be brief
yesterday: 55 minute run OUTSIDE! yay! still cold though. probably about 6-6.5 miles. I forgot my gloves and was experiencing lack of hand motion, which was...interesting

today: 4 miles on the treadmill
then tricep work (dips, arm raisie thingies)
and the chest press 2x12 at 60
and tonight...hah hah...some serious kareoke at the local bar...singing Tom Jones cheesy songs counts, right? It's not unusual.....

15th March 2005

lomonthang4:29am: Hey lil punkins, here's the scoop from yesterday:

I went to my parents house to engage in an invigorating session of GPP (general physical preparedness) Here's what went down---
walking backwards with 65 pound Sled whilst wearing 40lb Xvest
quickly walking sideways w/ this setup (a la a football player)
a few short sprints
walk around the house a few times carrying a pair of 35 pound plates w/ my fingertips, farmer walk style
more sprints
bodyweight squats
dozens of snatches with a broomstick (form and explosion work)
more sled dragging, twice as heavy
then I made a barbell out of a piece of 1.75 inch diameter bamboo, and affixed the 35's to it. I went for a walk carrying this implement above my head
the UPS man came, and I ran up to him whilst carrying the implement, huffing and puffing, put it down and looked up at him....he was a bit frightened I think. And jealous, the man fo sho wanted to lift.
so bunches more sets of walking with the overhead weight, sometimes while wearing the xvest.
few more sprints and light jogging. These sprints btw were done just to the point of attaining maximal speed and muscle fiber recruitment, in other words, completely non-aerobic.

Then, later that night I worked chest and tris, but twas a light workout cuz of the earlier work
incline barbell chest press, tempo 402: 5 sets of 6 w/ 155
Suckados, bar only no extra weight: 5 sets of 6
dip machine (not enough juice in me to do strict dips): 4 sets of 6 at 80
decline dbell tricep extensions: 4 sets of 6 at 25
That finished me for the evening. blah
Current Mood: fit I hope!
elysianboarder12:26am: *big astounding drum roll*

Today Ladys and Gentlemen I am here to inform you that elysianboarder and oniugnip ran around Georgia Tech, a total of two miles.

oniugnip did his best to keep up, but sometimes you have just have to burn them in the end. *shrug*. But I mean give him support, we have to keep up the idea that he's 1337.


p.s. he's a really good teacher

14th March 2005

mirabiliae11:12am: pretty morning
So my abs are killing me from the flutter kicks! I should do that more often!
35 minute run - 4 miles
then...weights! hooray
2x12 lat pulldown at 80 pounds (whew)
2x12 shoulder press at 35
2x 12 chest press at 60
2x12 scary downstairs leg press at 130
and some really bad form squats....with 10 pound weights
then some crunches and stretchies :)
peace, K
Current Mood: accomplished
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