José (akrodha) wrote in geekfitness,

Jogging Newbie

(Cross-posted to runners. I apologize for the inconvenience.)

Hey everyone. I'm a physics student who normally doesn't do much activity, but recently I've decided to go jogging, first thing in the morning. So far, I'm running about 2–3 miles, three times a week (albeit slowly, and with several breaks).

Although I'm completely pumped right now, I usually have trouble keeping myself motivated for extended periods of time. And now, to make things worse, I've run into a few problems:

1. Very early on in my jog, I got this cramp/stitch on my side, next to my stomach. I couldn't run for more than ten seconds without experiencing a stabbing pain. I didn't eat beforehand, so I'm kinda stumped.

2. Throughout my jog, my stomach gurgles. It feels like water is splashing around, and after a while it gets very annoying. I even tried not drinking water before jogging, and this still happens.

Can anyone help me out here? I want to keep up my running schedule, but these two pesky issues are getting in the way. Oh, and:

3. Any general pointers you may have? After all, I am a newbie.
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