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Alex R.

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summer training starts today! :)

I've been a slug... not for the whole semester -- there was some excellent lifting for a lot of it, and I felt and feel a lot stronger than I was -- but for the last few weeks of my undergrad thing, I wasn't moving much...

So for the summer, it'll be longer distances, lots more running :) And no cheese, and no deserts! And smaller, more frequent meals! There's the Atlanta Marathon in November... and there's that fat, slow feeling to get rid of right now.

I'll probably go run four or six miles this afternoon. (edit: I did four miles, and I had this beautiful tingly feeling in my legs telling me that I need to do a whole lot more of this... tonight shall be lots of push-ups.)

(also: It occurred to me that it'd be pretty wild to be able to dunk a basketball as a 5'10" white guy... I may get into springiness training as well. Ah, memories of the pole-vault...)
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