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(I was all like "atlanta marathon 2005!" ... bleah.)

I got an email from John, one of the coaches from my highschool track team. He's like 50-odd and faster than me, this super-energetic wiry little guy who seems to spend all his time out on the trails running and cycling...

And he made me rethink my relationship with "doing a marathon". In my head, I'd been thinking "okay, I'll just pick up the mileage on the weekends" but he takes the position that marathons should be done when you're at the point where it's not that much farther than you'd been running otherwise. Like you should be habitually running 70+ -mile weeks for months on end... and then a very long run just isn't that out of the ordinary, and you're not likely to get hurt.

I'm really not in that kind of shape. On the other hand, he mysteriously seems to be able to devote all of his time to being outside and running around. On the other other hand, I seem to devote a whole lot of time to reloading my LJ friends page.

Any thoughts on this?
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